About US

We have a dream

Embrace NOW is here for you and everyone out there who is brave enough to dream. For all those that are different.

You will determine where the journey of Embrace NOW will lead. We are looking forward to this journey with and thanks to you.

Our dream is to do you good. To empower you. To help you finding back to your intuition and self-determination. To give the online world back the offline feelings, where you decide yourself which way you want to go.

Our dream is, to help you find your happiness, your wish, your dream – in reality. Self-determined. Open. Free.

Our dream is to realise many millions of wishes with you. What is your dream?

Come in and play

"The dream of yesterday is the reality of today and tomorrow." Bruce Lee

Embrace NOW helps you realise your dreams in a playful way.

Playfully record your dreams online and share them with other "dreamers" in the community. In doing so, you also inspire others through your dreams. At the same time, you get to know soul mates and can exchange ideas with them.

It doesn't matter what kind of dreams you are pursuing. Partners, friends, saving the world, material things, growth, feelings, experiences. Everything my be. Nothing has to be.

We consciously capture wishes in the community in an abstract way through soul pictures, soul sounds and soul texts. We believe that eliminating optical prejudices helps us to bring the most suitable people into our lives. Our logical consciousness is not always conducive on the way to our soul mates.

We dream the dream of matching without algorithms! We will not influence you, through Embrace NOW we want to give you a tool with which you can feel yourself what is right for you. This may be unfamiliar at first, or even tedious. In life, however, effort is usually followed by a result. Look forward to what yours will look like.

We match your dreams with Soul Pictures of similar colours and similar shapes. Whether this is suitable for you, we don't know. You can vary all settings completely freely via the filters.

Have fun. Be yourself. Play around with the filters and see which Soul Pictures, Soul Sounds and Soul Texts appeal to you. Write to possible soul mates and see what life throws at you.

We are convinced that this "Intuitive Matching" will help you to have fun while getting to know each other and to find your Soul Mates faster. Yet - we do not know.

Let's try it together and make the world a better place where all our dreams come true.

Who is Embrace NOW?

Besides all of you, Daniela and Marco are behind Embrace NOW.

Embrace NOW is the result of a long process of life in which we allowed ourselves to follow our feelings more and more and less logic. Our journey of life brought us further and further to "Embrace NOW" in the truest sense of the word.

Through the process of grief. Having to let go again and again. Allowing all feelings. Through all the ups and downs of life - only by accepting the NOW may we succeed in trusting the flow of life. Thus we may succeed in becoming more and more ourselves. - And finally bringing into the world what we are actually meant for – our dreams.

We are deeply grateful for the gift of life and are excited about where this will take us.

Hugs from the NOW.
Daniela and Marco